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Aries was a modular synthesizer manufacturer
founded by Frank Fink in the mid 70s and was 
located in Salem Massachusetts US. 
They built high quality modular synths in 
both factory assembled and kit form. 
The modules of the ARIES modular system 
ware at the time manufactured by resident 
company RIVERA MUSIC SERVICE (RMS) run by 
Paul Rivera who worked for Arp. They are 
also known for their Minimoog modifications.
Aries synthesizers featured mini-plug patch
connections at the bottom of the modules,
making them more compact than other mid-70's
manufacturers which used 1/4" plugs.
The Aries Series 300 was designed by Dennis Colin
who also helped to design the ARP 2500 and 2600.
Left to right, top row, standing
• Ken Perrin, from the Boston School of 
   Electronic Music (BSEM).
• Ron Rivera (Rivera had his own company,
   partnered with Aries).
• June Richards - office manager.
• Dennis Colin, who designed both the
   Arp 2600 and then the Aries 300.
• Jimmy Bastable - Bob Snowdale's partner.
• June's son (Rick?) - did cabinets for Aries.
• Accountant for Aries.
2nd row, seated
• Jennifer Morris, who did graphics for Aries,
   including the spiffy logo.
• Bob Snowdale, who purchased Aries from 
   Frank Fink ca 1976 and moved it from Peabody, 
   Mass, to Salem.
• Doug Chin, a very bright young technician.
Lying on ground
• Carl Fravel, office manager at Aries 1975-76,
   then founded Gentle Electric in 1976.

Aries Music Team ca 1975-76


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